One Stage, Two Stage Houston Dental Implants… What’s the Difference?

June 15, 2016

dental implants houstonIf you’re missing one or more teeth, you’re probably busy researching your options in tooth replacement. Did you know there are two methods for completing dental implants: those that are placed and receive the connecting abutment in one visit, or one stage dental implants, and those that take two stages to complete? Keep reading to learn more about the difference in one stage and two stage dental implants in Houston, and which might be the best for your own tooth replacement.


The success of your dental implants depends on you!

February 16, 2016

dental implants successWhen it comes to tooth replacement, there’s no doubt about it — dental implants are by far the best option. Nothing else replaces the tooth and its root like the tiny titanium implants, and that means this option offers you stability and oral health unlike anything else today. If you’re interested in treating your smile to the best, learn how you can increase the chances of success with your dental implants today!


Can children get dental implants?

February 10, 2016

dental implantsWhile dental implants are the preferred option for many adult patients suffering from one or more missing teeth, the same isn’t always true for children. Kids can experience missing teeth for a number of reasons, primarily facial trauma resulting from accidents, or simple genetics — when a permanent tooth just doesn’t appear. And when tooth loss happens to your little one, you may hope that a viable replacement option can be found in dental implants. Unfortunately, it’s just not the case — but that doesn’t mean it never will be. Keep reading to learn why children are rarely good candidates for dental implants, and which other options that may suit them better until they are eligible for the treatment.


Take a Walk Through an Ideal Implant Procedure

January 22, 2016

man with a brilliant smile thanks to his successful implant procedureWould you rather replace your tooth or restore your tooth? Traditional tooth replacement options do a great job of filling in the gaps in your smile after tooth loss, but only dental implants fully restore the entire tooth. There’s nothing more appealing than a beautiful smile, and no one knows that better than the Piney Point Dental Implant Center team. That’s why we offer dental implants to support crowns for single tooth replacement, bridges replacing two or three consecutive teeth, and as well as partial and full dentures. Because the entire dental structure is restored, root and biting surface, implant-supported dental prosthetics look, feel, and function just like your natural smile. Call to find out more about the dental implants Houston, TX residents trust from Piney Point Dental Implant Center.

All You Need to Know About Dental Implants

January 19, 2016

dental implants houstonAt Piney Point Dental Implant Center, we’re restorative experts in replacing missing teeth — and we know that most often, the best avenue for replacement is dental implants. If you’re interested in dental implants but don’t know much about them, it’s time to learn. Read on for all you need to know about tooth replacement options from your Houston dental implant specialists.


Improve Oral Health With Dental Implants in Houston

January 15, 2016

dental implants houstonIf your smile is missing one or more teeth, we know you’re thinking about your best options in tooth replacement. The proof? You’re reading this blog. Did you know that dental implants are good for the function and appearance of your teeth — helping you to smile, speak and eat with ease — and also for the overall health of your smile? That’s right. Learn more about dental implants in Houston from your trusted oral surgeons and restorative experts at Piney Point Dental Implant Center today!


Get New Teeth-In-An-Hour with Dental Implants

January 10, 2016

dental implants houstonAt Piney Point Dental Implant Center, we believe that everyone should feel confident when they smile — and we know that’s impossible when teeth are missing or severely damaged. That’s why your Houston dental implant specialists are here to provide you with all possible options in dental implants to get your smile back to the one you know and love.

Traditional dental implants are a great solution with one big downside: aside from being more expensive, they also require a wait time of three to six months (or sometimes longer, depending on the condition of the jaw), a period during which you may be without stable teeth. For many of our patients, that’s just too long. We have some good news: now, that wait time can be eliminated with Teeth-In-An-Hour, implanted right here at our Houston office. Read on to learn more about this exciting option in implant dentistry.