Effects of Tooth Loss – Houston, TX

Missing Teeth Take a Toll

Are you already missing teeth or nearing the extraction of decayed or damaged pearly whites? If so, you should know that the effects of tooth loss can be significant and long lasting. It’s more than just having difficulty chewing what you want to, though that can be severe, too. Fortunately, many people who are missing teeth can benefit from dental implants in Houston. Continue reading to learn more about the psychological effects of missing teeth -- and how you can keep them from happening to +you with dental implants.

Poor Self-Confidence

Woman with poor self confidence after tooth loss hiding her smile

It may not come as a surprise that people who are missing teeth are also more likely to report having lower self-esteem than those who have a complete smile. Research shows this figure is especially significant when people were not prepared for their tooth loss -- like when it happened suddenly or as the result of an injury. When you do not have all your teeth, you may notice difficulty in everything from eating your favorite snack to how you feel about laughing at your favorite comedian. These differences can really take a toll on a person’s self-confidence, especially over time.

Dietary Restrictions

Smiling woman holding an apple after dental implant tooth replacement

Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew nutritious and tasty foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, flavorful meats, and even crunchy bread or sweet desserts. Not being able to eat all the foods you have loved for a lifetime is one of the especially significant psychological tolls of tooth loss. In addition, it can also result in a nutrient-poor diet which may lead to weight gain, fatigue, or other effects of a bland and unbalanced diet. A dental implant in Houston can provide significant help.

Changed Appearance

Woman covering her smile after dental implant tooth replacement

One of the inevitable consequences of tooth loss, if it is not repaired with a comprehensive tooth replacement like a Houston dental implant, is a changed appearance. When a tooth’s root has been lost, the supportive root structure is also missing. This is the portion of the tooth that brings important nutrients and blood flow to the jaw. Without it, the bone will gradually lose its volume and a weak, sunken look will develop. This side effect of tooth loss can take a serious toll on a person’s self-confidence.

Problems with Dentures

Patient brushing removable dental implant denture

The psychological effects of tooth loss can also be significant if a stable tooth replacement is not achieved promptly. A traditional denture which rests on the gums may slip or slide around, making it difficult to eat, speak, and smile with full confidence. The adjustment period of a traditional denture can also cause stress as the mouth adjusts to the new object.

A Solution Is in Sight

Animated dental implant  supported dental crown placement

Fortunately, Houston dental implants can help patients enjoy a stable, natural-looking tooth replacement which supports an active and healthy lifestyle. To chew, speak, and smile without any issues after tooth loss, you are invited to schedule an appointment with our dental office to discuss your candidacy for dental implants.