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Patient Success Stories

Seeing the positive impact the best dentistry can have on the lives of others is incredibly rewarding. It is what drives us. We are humbled by the trust and confidence people place in our hands, and we love to share their stories. Please take a minute to learn more about how an amazing, healthy smile can transform your life. If we could help these wonderful folks, we may be able to help you.

Nesrineā€™s Story

Without a doubt, there is a direct connection between your oral health and your overall health. At the same time, we rarely get involved in life-threatening situations. In the case of Nesrine, we had to help her win two battles. First, Dr. Koo rid her body of a terrible, aggressive tumor that consumed half her jaw and placed a series of dental implants. Second, Dr. Klimowski restored the beauty and function of her smile by creating a set of dentures anchored to these implants. Our success enabled her to have the confidence she needs to live a happy, productive life as an attorney and mother of two, young children. Watch as Nesrine tells about her journey.