Ideal Candidates for Dental Implants – Houston, TX

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While almost everyone can be a viable candidate for dental implants, there are some characteristics that suggest an ideal smile for treatment and other characteristics that might give our dental implants specialist pause. Take a look below to find out whether or not  you're an ideal candidate for dental implants in Houston, TX.

A good candidate for teeth implants should have the following qualities:

Smiling woman in dental chair holding an apple
  • Relatively good oral health/no periodontal disease
  • Decent overall health so that surgery can be performed with little risk of complications
  • Enough bone left in the jaw to support the placement of one or more implants. Thankfully, Dr. Koo can correct this issue with bone graft procedures, if needed.

Of course, there are also some situations where implants may not be the best choice for that patient at the time. Thankfully, a majority of these conditions are only temporary, and treatment can occur later on. They include:

  • A jawbone that hasn’t been fully developed
  • Pregnancy
  • Heavy smoking or tobacco use. While implants can usually still be placed in these cases, there is a much higher risk of implant failure, periodontal disease, and insufficient healing of the bone.
  • Having received high-dose radiation treatment in the head or neck
  • Certain medications that suppress a patient’s immune system.