Mini Dental Implants – Houston, TX

Innovation for Flawless Smiles

Piney Point Dental Implant Center proudly offers numerous options for those looking to correct tooth loss. One of our options is Mini Dental Implants (MDI). Mini implants offer the same benefits as traditional implants with the exception that they can be used to fill tooth loss in small places where traditional implants simply wouldn’t fit. In addition, they are the perfect option for those who have decreased jawbone mass—the perfect solution for those who otherwise would not be a candidate for traditional dental implants. Piney Point Dental Implant Center will evaluate your oral health to determine if the small diameter mini dental implants from our Houston, TX oral surgeon are right for you.

Mini Dental Implants

Animated mini dental implant dental bridge restoration

Mini implants use a smaller diameter post, which eliminates the need for oral surgery. With traditional implants, you have the titanium posts surgically inserted into the jawbone. Then, you have to wait for the bone to heal in order to have the prosthetic teeth anchored in place. But, with the smaller implants, you’re able to have the anchors placed during one non-invasive visit. In just one visit, the MDI will securely hold your dentures in place.

The purpose of the implants is to eliminate the need for bone grafting to increase the success rate of implant tooth replacements. This is the perfect option for those who have decreased bone density. As a result, the recovery time is also shorter, allowing you to be fitted for dentures the same day.

With the smaller implant acting as the tooth root, the titanium implant will be securely held in place for long lasting results. Unlike traditional implants, the head of the smaller implant looks like a small ball, which fits into the mechanism used to hold the dentures in place. Then, the dentures will fit comfortably on the gums while withstanding proper pressure for a strong bite.

The size of the implants used can vary, but they are typically around 2 mm to 3.5 mm in diameter. As a result, the procedure is less invasive, ideal for those who fear implant surgery. With four of the implants able to be inserted at one time, you’ll have a quicker treatment time with a shorter recovery period.

This innovation in dentistry is a convenient and affordable solution to resolve the issues of tooth loss or poorly fitting dentures. As a result, you’ll have an increased ability to eat and speak, while benefiting from a cleaner mouth with fewer bacteria trapped under the dentures. This increases the success rate while also enhancing your level of comfort. While they are commonly placed on the lower jaw to stabilize a denture, they can be used anywhere in the mouth, even in the tightest of places.

Mini Implants at the Piney Point Dental Implant Center

Woman looking at her smile after mini dental implant tooth  replacement

If you’re ready to benefit from a quick and permanent solution to dealing with tooth loss, call Piney Point Dental Implant Center today at (713) 597-7583 to learn more about Mini Dental Implants. We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your oral health to determine the implant procedure that best fits your needs. Let us help you restore your quality of life and amazing smile with mini-implants.