9,718 People Will Have Dental Implants in Houston This Year

August 17, 2016

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dental implants in houston

These days, more people than ever before are having their missing teeth replaced by dental implants. 3 million people currently have dental implants in the US. In 2016, it’s estimated that nearly 10,000 patients will receive dental implants in Houston alone. Why the boom in implant dentistry? Because it’s simply the best solution for tooth loss. And with more options than ever, dental implants are a possibility for almost everyone experiencing tooth loss.


Your Questions About Dental Implants in Houston: Answered!

July 30, 2016

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dental implants in houstonDental implants in Houston are a truly comprehensive mode of tooth replacement, giving you back your missing tooth as well as its root. Dental implants have been around for centuries, but they remain a mystery for many people. Your implant dentists at Piney Point Dental Implants are experts in the procedure. We have put together an FAQ to help you understand more about dental implants!


Caring For Your Dental Implants in Houston

July 28, 2016

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dental implants in houstonIf you have recently received dental implants in Houston, learn the steps you should take to make sure your implants stay healthy and strong in your jaw. Dental implants have a high rate of success — up to 95 percent in eligible patients — but proper care is mandatory. Keep reading to learn how to care for your dental implants immediately after placement, and for years down the line. Congratulations on making the best choice in tooth replacement!


When Cheap Dental Implants Turn Into an Expensive Mistake

July 22, 2016

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, you need a good, solid replacement — and you shouldn’t cut corners to enjoy a complete smile once again. These days, there are a number of “cheaper” dental implant options. Unfortunately, choosing cheap dental implants can be an expensive mistake. Select high quality dental implants in Houston from an experienced, trusted oral surgeon. Dr. Koo and Dr. Weil provide high-quality implant dentistry at Piney Point Dental Implant Center.


One Stage, Two Stage Houston Dental Implants… What’s the Difference?

June 15, 2016

dental implants houstonIf you’re missing one or more teeth, you’re probably busy researching your options in tooth replacement. Did you know there are two methods for completing dental implants: those that are placed and receive the connecting abutment in one visit, or one stage dental implants, and those that take two stages to complete? Keep reading to learn more about the difference in one stage and two stage dental implants in Houston, and which might be the best for your own tooth replacement.


Are You A Candidate for Dental Implants in Houston?

dental implants in houstonIf you’re missing one or more teeth, you may be interested in tooth replacement with dental implants in Houston. Dental implants are tiny titanium cylinders placed beneath the gum line in the space left by a missing tooth. After implantation, dental implants act as a prosthetic root for the tooth replacement — a crown, bridge, or denture — that is connected to the implant with a special device. Unlike non-implant supported options in tooth replacement, dental implants do not move. And when cared for properly, they can be expected to last the wearer’s lifetime.


Multiple Tooth Replacement With Dental Implants in Houston

June 14, 2016

dental implants in houstonLosing multiple teeth doesn’t mean you’ll have to have the whole row removed for replacement. The goal of dentistry is to save healthy teeth whenever possible, and dental implants can help you enjoy a sturdy partial tooth replacement without losing the natural teeth that surround the gaps in your smile. Learn more about dental implants in Houston, and how the team at Piney Point Dental Implants can help you smile fully once again.


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dental Implants

May 13, 2016

dental implants in houstonDental implants are the leading method for replacing missing teeth currently available. Tiny titanium posts that are inserted directly into the jawbone, they replace the tooth’s root — something other methods just don’t do. There’s a lot you may not know about the treatment, and we’ve listed the top five surprising things about dental implants in Houston below!


The History of Dental Implants

dental implants houstonAs the experts in dental implants in Houston, to say we’re interested in this replacement option would be an understatement. No, we’re passionate about helping people complete their smiles with implant dentistry. Today’s dental implants are without question the best tooth replacement option available… but it wasn’t always that way. The history of dental implants is one of the most interesting in all of dentistry. From shells to stones and rabbits, keep reading to learn how we got where we are today! (Just trust us — it’s worth it.)


What are Dental Implants Made of?

April 10, 2016

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what are dental implants made ofDental implants are a popular choice for those who are suffering from tooth loss and want a permanent solution to fix their smile. While implants were originally discovered by accident as a form of tooth replacement in 1952, now they are a highly sought choice due to the many benefits they offer. Thanks to advancements in dentistry and the perfect combination of materials, implants hold almost a 100 percent success rate while improving the appearance and function of your smile. Piney Point Dental Implant Center proudly offers single tooth, multiple tooth, and full mouth implants for those suffering from missing teeth. Not sure what dental implants are made of? We use the best materials so the implants not only look great, but are made to last while never compromising the function.

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