The success of your dental implants depends on you!

February 16, 2016

dental implants successWhen it comes to tooth replacement, there’s no doubt about it — dental implants are by far the best option. Nothing else replaces the tooth and its root like the tiny titanium implants, and that means this option offers you stability and oral health unlike anything else today. If you’re interested in treating your smile to the best, learn how you can increase the chances of success with your dental implants today!

Tips for successful dental implants

Take these factors into consideration and you’ll soon enjoy all the wonderful benefits that dental implants have to offer.

#1: Don’t wait for tooth replacement

One requirement for dental implants is plenty of supporting jawbone structure. Without it, there’s nothing for the dental implant to anchor to. Because tooth loss causes jawbone deterioration, it’s important that you don’t live with missing teeth for too long — if you do, you may be slowly missing the boat on dental implants. Seek replacement immediately upon the loss of one or more teeth to ensure dental implants remain a viable option for completing your smile.

#2: Maintain healthy gums

Good candidates for dental implants are also those who enjoy solid gum health, free from periodontal disease at any stage. Maintaining your gum health after the placement of your dental implants is crucial for their success, as the condition can lead to the deterioration of the gum and the jawbone, which can cause your dental implant to become loose and eventually fail.

#3: Keep up with your oral hygiene

Just as healthy gums contribute to the success of your dental implants, the same goes for your whole mouth. Be sure you’re maintaining excellent oral hygiene after your dental implants have been placed, remembering to brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, floss daily and visit your dentist as recommended — at least every six months.

#4: Manage your nighttime teeth grinding and clenching

If you’re a nighttime tooth grinder, you suffer from the condition known as bruxism — and you need to protect your teeth with a removable mouthguard. Doing so absorbs the stress of teeth grinding and clenching, helping your dental implants stay healthy and intact.

#5: Watch your overall health

Once you’ve had your dental implants placed, perhaps the biggest threat to their success is an uncontrolled health condition — like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. These conditions can cause bone loss that leads to failed dental implants and even more missing teeth. Stay on top of your health and control conditions that do develop.

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