5 Reasons Not to Be Afraid of Getting Dental Implants

May 29, 2023

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Dental implants are often heralded as the gold standard of tooth replacement. However, getting them requires that you undergo a surgery. Naturally, that prospect might feel a little intimidating. Many patients are nervous about what the procedure will feel like and what they will experience during their recovery period. If that is true of you, take heart! You have several reasons for you not to be afraid of getting dental implants.

The Surgery Is Well-Planned

Oral surgeons take pride in performing precise procedures. Therefore, they carefully plan their surgeries. Before you receive dental implants, several scans will be taken of your mouth. That data will be used to help your surgery team determine exactly where, at what angle, and at what depth your implants should be inserted. This meticulous planning process minimizes the risk of errors and complications.

You Can Expect to Be Comfortable

Many patients are surprised by how comfortable and easy the dental implant surgery is. Not only will you be thoroughly numbed during the procedure, but you may also be a candidate for sedation. Sedation uses special medications to dull your body’s response to pain and help you enjoy a calm, relaxed sensation. Some types of sedation even cause patients to forget everything they experienced during their oral surgery.

Recovery Is Fast and Relatively Easy

It is normal for patients to experience soreness after their dental implant procedure. However, extreme pain is rare. As long as you carefully follow your surgery team’s post-op instructions, it is likely that you will heal without any major disruptions to your life. In fact, it is common for patients to go back to work within a day or two of their surgery. (It may take a couple of weeks for any discomfort to completely disappear.)

Implants Have a High Success Rate

Dental implants are consistently successful. In fact, they do well in more than 95% of cases. Therefore, there is almost no reason to be afraid that your surgery will be for nothing. Rather, you can look forward to a stronger, more confident smile.

Dental Implants Last a Long Time

It is common for dental implants to last for decades. In fact, they are designed to provide a lifetime of benefits, such as improved chewing power, preservation of the jawbone, and more. As long as you take good care of them, there is only a very minor risk that they will fail.

It is understandable if the idea of getting dental implants makes you nervous or even a little afraid. Keeping the above points in mind can help you go into your procedure with confidence!

Meet the Practice

Piney Point Dental Implant Center is home to three board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons. We proudly offer a range of advanced dental implant services to the Houston community. If you are curious about your tooth replacement options and what to expect throughout the treatment process, we would be happy to speak with you. Contact our team at 713-597-7340.

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