How Dental Implants Stop the Hidden Consequences of Tooth Loss

December 6, 2018

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woman smiling on front porchMost people know that tooth loss takes a toll, but they often don’t realize how significant the consequences are until they have actually experienced it for themselves. Fortunately, Houston dental implants offer an effective solution for most people who have lost one or more teeth. Keep reading to learn more about this tooth replacement option, including how it can help you avoid the hidden consequences of tooth loss!

Consider These Effects of Missing Teeth

You know that having gaps in your smile doesn’t look so attractive, but have you ever considered these additional significant consequences of tooth loss? Think twice before you assume that missing a few teeth isn’t all that big of a deal, because losing one or more pearly whites can…

  • Impact how you feel about your smile, significantly lowering your self-confidence and preventing you from really showing off your best self.
  • Make it difficult to eat your favorite foods, limiting you to a soft or bland diet — which can impact your nutrition as well.
  • Inhibit your speech, causing a lisp or a whistle when you say certain words, which may make you less enthusiastic to make your voice heard in some situations.
  • Increase the risk that you will lose even more teeth further down the line, as missing teeth that are not replaced limit the flow of necessary nutrients to the jaw bone.
  • Cause the remaining teeth to shift out of place, causing alignment issues that may require orthodontic treatment.

How Dental Implants Help

By providing a comprehensive tooth replacement, dental implants in Houston bring important nutrients to the jaw bone to preserve its volume and help to ensure that your remaining natural teeth stay in place. Furthermore, they look and feel just like your natural teeth — meaning you can rest assured that you will feel perfectly confident flashing your smile when it is secured by dental implants.

Because they rebuild the tooth from the root up, dental implants offer a truly whole-tooth solution to tooth loss which helps you avoid these hidden consequences missing teeth. And that is worth so much! To learn more about dental implants, including whether or not this treatment option is right for you, get in touch with your dentist to discuss dental implants in Houston this month. Your smile is worth the very best!

Meet the Practice  

Patients find their Houston dental implant dentist at Piney Point Dental Implant Center, where Dr. Steve L. Koo and Dr. Tom W. Weil offer exceptional implant dentistry services backed by decades of experience. Among a number of other distinctions, Dr. Koo has been named a Top Dentist and Dr. Weil is a Fellow of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. If you are interested in receiving the best in implant dentistry, contact this office by calling (713) 597-7340 today.

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