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Related Oral Surgery Procedures for Houston

When one or more of a patient’s teeth is missing for an extended period of time, bone deterioration is a serious concern. After all, the root that once stimulated your jawbone tissue is gone. As a result, patients who are interested in dental implants often find themselves without enough quality bone to support placement. Thankfully, there are procedures available that help you grow or replace bone, allowing implants to flourish and function in an ideal fashion. In fact, your Houston dental implants specialist can help.

Bone Grafting

If there are defects in the desired site for your new implant(s), bone can be grafted onto the area in question. This bone usually comes from other areas of your mouth or body, a bone bank, or even a synthetic material. We place a thin collagen membrane so growing gum tissue doesn’t cause the bone graft to shrink. In some cases, bone grafting can be performed on the same day as the placement of your implants!

 If bone loss is more substantial, we place a block of bone that’s transplanted from your chin or behind your back teeth. These blocks are held in place with screws, and the same membrane is used to cover it. Patients need a few months of healing after this procedure so they can successfully grow new bone.

Sinus Lift

When replacing a patient's posterior teeth in the upper jaw, a common problem is the collapse of their sinuses into the space where the roots of the missing teeth once were. This leaves the sinuses with only a thin wall of bone between them and the patient’s mouth leaving no room for implants to be placed securely. A sinus lift is a gentle procedure that moves the sinus creating space where your doctor can place new bone material where dental implants are placed, after a few months of healing.